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N.I.A. Kids Class Registration 2019 - 2020

Registration is now open for the N.I.A. Kids 2019 - 2020 Performing Arts Season. We are super excited and welcome all youth and teens ages 8 - 18 to join in on the training, performances, and theatrical productions. We have a great year planned with some amazing "surprise" opportunities for these young people! The N.I.A. Kids program provides opportunities for young people to do productive things with their talent and their time. They also form meaningful, healthy relationships with their peers as they work as a team to grow and create. Our programs also enhance life skills as these youth and teens learn how to commit and persevere.

Don't tarry. Click on the "Classes" link and sign your youth/teen up before it's too late. We welcome everyone...even those who have never done it. See you in class...AND...on the stage!

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