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North Texas Giving Day - N.I.A. Kids support

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!...Well for non profits in North Texas! We are super excited about North Texas Giving Day on September 19, 2019! This is an online giving event where donors can support from all over the world. On this special day, active non profit's in the community have an opportunity to spotlight their work and impact with this amazing platform founded by the Communities Foundation of Texas. Donations of $25 or more to your favorite non profit, N.I.A. Kids of course, are more impactful as they contribute to the overall donation pool that every participating non profit is a part of in this event. Yes, donations go further on North Texas Giving Day.

While there are countless amazing non profits making a huge difference in the community, we hope that you choose to support N.I.A. Kids on this special day. Your support enables us to help children and families with limited opportunities to participate in enriching, life changing programs. When we can remove the financial barriers, we have a greater reach. Through our performing arts programs, youth and teens are empowered as they realize their full potential.

North Texas Giving Day day empowers the entire community and gives everyone an opportunity to get involved in philanthropy. Philanthropy does not mean individuals have to be rich, although that is how we were conditioned to think. Philanthropy is giving of time, resources, and talent. Let's make this day great and make a greater impact in the community.

NTGD details:

September 19, 2019 6a - 11:59p

Donations of $25

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