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N.I.A. Kids Helping Youth Go To Camp

For more than a decade N.I.A. Kids has offered an amazing summer theater program for youth and teens to attend during the summer months. N.I.A. Kids' mission is to keep youth and teens occupied doing productive things with their talent and their time during their free time. The N.I.A. Kids summer theater program is a seven week "all day" camp that provides performing arts training in dance, drama, and vocal, while providing an outlet for creativity and self expression. Because we are not funded, we offer this program at an exceptionally economical rate to provide as much access to the community as possible. We do fundraisers throughout the camp to help with food, transportation, costumes costs, venues, and field trips, just to name a few.

Every year we are bombarded with parent requests for financial assistance. Most of the requests come from single parents and grandparents with multiple children. This year we want to be able to say "YES! We have scholarships available!" To make this possible, we are seeking individual and corporate support to help us reach our goal of $50,000. If we successfully and collectively reach our goal, every youth and teen can receive a scholarship to the program. It can be done! Community support sharing this campaign will make it possible for us to help these families. Parents this is also a great way for you to fundraise on your child;'s behalf.

Donations in any amount will contribute to the success of this campaign and there are several "giving' categories. Please click on the link to see how and where you can help:

We thank you in advance for your support SHARING and DONATING to this campaign. Take a look at the video to see how hard we work. We do our very best to provide excellence to the youth and positively impact their lives. Stay tuned for updates as we fight to the finish! It's for the kids...#teamNIAKids!!

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