Our Mission

Iphone pics Oct 014 723Our Mission is to Nurture Inspire and Affirm the gifts and talents of all youth and teens.  We empower youth to realize their full potential through performing arts training, arts education, and cultural experiences. We believe participation in the arts contribute to healthy development of young people, their families, and communities.




To encourage personal growth, creativity, and self-expression that results in positive, upstanding artists who will seek to Nurture Inspire and Affirm the next generation.



To provide professional and consistent training in the performing arts disciplines, that will impart and instill a spirit of excellence and commitment in the youth and teens. There is a need in every community for quality fine arts programs and out of school activities for youth and teens. Many of them have no supervision or constructive activities to engage in during those at risk and non-school hours. The saying an “idol mind is the devil’s workshop,” holds true when youth have no positive activities or venues to put their energy and talent into. We provide a platform for their talents to be noticed, developed, and shared with the community and the world.